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At the  May 1, 2016 regular Union meeting many DDAL members donated hard 
earned money to contribute $800 to the United Way in the name of the entire Local.

APWU DDAL Entertainment Committee

APWU Opposes USPS Surveys

The APWU opposes worker participation in USPS employee opinion surveys.

The union's policy, adopted by the National Executive Board in 1998 contests the use of all surveys, focus groups, polls and audits as a means of interviewing employees and union officials to evaluate job related and internal union issues.

Employees should remember that opinion surveys are often designed to elicit a specific response or result, historically against our bargaining unit employees.

APWU advises all Employees to read the entire survey on-the-clock. When finished reading, rip their survey up, and place it back into the envelope to return to Management. If you do not destroy the survey, management can take the blank survey and have an opportunity to complete it themselves.